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Brooklyn, New York 

Who Am I? 

I have come a long way to become who I am today; it took some time and effort to befriend my experiences and make them an integral part of my deeper self. Being born in a country that does no longer exists – the Soviet Republic of Georgia; I have lived through the ruins of Communist regime and hardship. I have seen the best and some of the worst of human nature and, come to appreciate the importance of individual endeavor and the power of dreams. I also realize that my story is only a fraction of my whole life ahead of me, but it is fully felt, lived and experienced. Most importantly, I am very much willing to share it and translate it into the universal language of human connection.

What's  My Art ?

According to genius minds in physics, everything is formed from quanta, fundamental units that differ only by the vibration. Vibration is what makes up everything to be uniquely what it is. Artistic materials such as color and line have vibrations that affect the human energy system and produce sensations. Driven by a fascination with energy and vibration, I have expressed numerous ideas in paintings from oil, acrylic and digital paints. I also observe how shape, color and line stimulate our sensations. Over time, I have developed my signature style inspired by energy vibration and infinite patterns. All of my paintings are created with the intent to vibrate particular energy.

Another way of expressing myself creatively is through photography & videography. I use photography as a visual communication of the emotions, feelings and ideas I experience throughout my journey. My primary interests are in nature, humans, space and light.