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Brooklyn, New York 

Who Am I? 

I have come a long way to become who I am today; it took some time and effort to befriend my experiences and make them an integral part of my deeper self. Being born in a country that does no longer exists – the Soviet Republic of Georgia; I have lived through the ruins of Communist regime and hardship. I have seen the best and some of the worst of human nature and, come to appreciate the importance of individual endeavor, the power of dreams and manifestations. I  believe my history is only a fraction of my whole journey ahead of me, but it is fully felt, lived and experienced. Most importantly, I am very much willing to share it and translate it into the universal language of human connection.

What's  My Art ?

Driven by a fascination with energy and vibration, I have expressed numerous ideas in paintings from oil, acrylic and digital paints. 

I believe everything is formed from quanta, fundamental units that differ only by the vibration. Vibration is what makes up everything to be uniquely what it is. C
olor, shape and line have vibrations that affect the human energy system and produce sensations. Observing vibrational effects on sensations, I create paintings with the intent to vibrate particular energy.

Besides painting, I express myself creatively through photography & videography. I use photography as a visual communication of my deeper self throughout my life journey. My primary interests are in light, space, nature & homosapiens.