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In my artistic exploration, I delve into both the visible and invisible facets of our natural world. My journey as an artist involves a harmonious blend of traditional techniques, innovative approaches, and the creative repurposing of materials. I am particularly fascinated by the wisdom inherent in nature—its intricate patterns, rhythmic cadence, and profound frequencies that resonate throughout our interconnected existence. These fundamental elements of nature serve as the foundation of my visual art, allowing me to explore the dynamic relationship between motion and stillness.

My work is deeply rooted in the rich wisdom, culture, and history of Georgia, drawing inspiration from its profound connection to the bountiful nature of the Caucasus region. At its core, it invites viewers to contemplate pressing global environmental and socio-political crises while celebrating our world's enduring beauty and resilience.

Davit Botchorishvili, currently residing in Boston, MA, is an emerging artist who is investigating the visible and invisible aspects of our natural world. His art is an inquiry into the physical, spiritual, and psychic, aiming to capture the essence of human spirit and imagination. Born into the challenging times following the Soviet Union's dissolution, Davit's childhood in Tskhinvali, Georgia, was shaped by experiences of displacement and loss. These early hardships, along with his identity as a queer immigrant, subtly inform his work, lending it a quiet depth and emotional sincerity that seeks to connect with others.

Davit's journey through academia and professional life has been diverse and multifaceted. Starting with a foundation in Hospitality Management in Tbilisi, Georgia and continuing with Tourism & Leisure Management in Austria, he later pursued an MA in Hospitality Management at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Despite a rewarding career in the travel industry, Davit has always found solace and a means of expression in oil painting, a practice he turns to during moments of reflection and pause.

His decision to pursue a Master's in Fine Arts at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design (MassArt) in Boston marked a significant moment of personal and artistic growth. This chapter in his life has been an opportunity to explore his artistic voice more fully, with a mindful approach that draws from a broad spectrum of influences, including philosophy, psychology & mythology. Through his art, Davit seeks not to proclaim but to explore, offering his observations and insights as an invitation to dialogue. His work, characterized by its thoughtful engagement with the world, stands as a quiet testament to the power of art to connect, reflect, and inspire. 


BA Business Administration, Tbilisi State University of Economic Relations, Tbilisi, Georgia​

BA Tourism & Leisure Management, IMC FH Krems University, Austria 

MA Hospitality Management, Cornell University, Ithaca NY 

MA in Fine Art, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston MA


  • 2024 Group Show: "Fresh Faces" Abigail Gallery, Boston, MA

  • 2023 Duo pop-up show: "Untitled" Doran Gallery at MassArt, Boston, MA

  • 2023 Group exhibition: “BOLD” at MassArt SoWa Gallery, Boston, MA [Lead Curator]

  • 2023 Solo Exhibition: "Beyond Material" MassArt Tower West Lobby, Boston, MA

  • 2023 Group Exhibition: "Lincoln Arts" Pierce House, Lincoln, MA

  • 2023 Group Exhibition: "Drift" Doran Gallery at MassArt, Boston, MA

  • 2022 Group Exhibition: "Lincoln Arts" Pierce House, Lincoln, MA

  • 2022 Group Exhibition: "Penumbra" Doran Gallery at MassArt, Boston, MA

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