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Born in 1988 in Tskhinvali, Georgia, DaviT is an emerging artist pursuing his Master's in Fine Art at the Massachusetts College of Arts & Design (MassArt) in Boston. His diverse range of artwork includes painting, printmaking, photography, and sculpture. He is the first Georgian student at MassArt, one of the nation’s oldest art schools and the only publicly funded independent art school in the USA.

Davit's love for art was ignited at a young age, but the trauma of Russia's invasion of his hometown forced him to flee as a refugee. Despite the tremendous challenges he faced, he remained resolute in his determination to pursue his passion for art. With unwavering self-discipline and hard work, he received grants and scholarships to study at some of the most prestigious universities in Europe and the US. Alongside his successful career in the US Travel and Hospitality Industry, Davit continued to learn and create art, which provided him with a vital outlet for expression while enabling him to support his family back in Georgia.

After over a decade of living and working in New York City, Davit moved to Boston in 2021 to pursue his Master's in Fine Art and continue his artistic journey. His extensive experience living in one of the world's cultural capitals has profoundly influenced his art and personal growth.

Artist and professor Jim Cambronne describes Davit as "an intelligent and talented emerging artist whose work is visionary and investigative. The physical, spiritual, and psychic dynamics of energy flow as it relates to the human spirit and imagination take visual form in his paintings, prints, and drawings. The work and his creative process are grounded and informed by mindfulness, science, mathematics, and philosophy. Davit demonstrates many qualities and characteristics of the best artists I have worked with..." 


 Artist Statement 

"As an artist, my work is informed by a deep-seated fascination with the mysteries of philosophy, human psychology, sociology, science, spirituality, and the infinite universe, which I seek to explore through the interplay of oil and acrylic paints, digital media, printmaking, photography, and sculpture. Drawing upon the inspiration from vibrations and frequencies that course through the universe, I aim to create complex yet harmonious visual symphonies, weaving together intricate lines, shapes, and colors that challenge conventional modes of perception and representation.

My photographic practice, in particular, enables me to capture the fleeting beauty of a moment and distill it into an eternal, infinite time. Through the careful interplay of nature, human form, and physical space, I seek to unlock the intrinsic qualities of motion and stillness, cultivating a dynamic tension that animates my compositions and draws the viewer into a deeper appreciation of the beauty and mystery of our reality".



2011    Bachelor of Business Administration, IMC FH Krems University, Krems, Austria 

2015   Master of Hospitality Management, Cornell University, Ithaca NY 

2024  Master of Fine Art 2D, Massachusets College of Art and Design, Boston MA


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