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"Beyond Material" invites you on an extraordinary journey of artistic experimentation. These experiments come together to create unique vibrational frequencies within the exhibition space. The exhibition showcases a mixture of 2D and 3D artworks made from various materials, including traditional, unconventional, and recycled sources. Each piece provides a visual journey into the imagination and artistic expression rooted in a profound love and admiration for the natural world.

The artworks aim to explore the interconnectedness that unites all aspects of existence while recognizing the perpetual cycle of life. Symbolism is used to explore themes such as unity, human ego and self-reflection, the balance of opposites, and the invisible forces that shape the essence of our reality.

If curiosity arises, each piece offers QR codes & provides information about the work and a brief AI-generated art review presented in the language commonly used in art museums. We encourage you to use headphones for a fully immersive experience. "Beyond Material" welcomes you to explore the depth and creativity in what you see and what lies beyond the material.

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The works in the show
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Exhibition Documentation
Video by Eri Maxei
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